Tips for Treating a Child’s Tooth Pain at Home

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Among the significant problems a child faces, along with injuries and other challenges, is tooth pain. The pain is severe, and there are not a lot of options to consider to resolve it. Of course, if you live nearby the Best Pediatrician in Houston, then you can consult them, and the issues will be resolved soon. However, if you are away or live far, it is no less than a nightmare for the child and the parent.

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Pediatric dentist Houston TX recommends that the first action should always be to take the child to Pediatric dentistry for evaluation, source of pain, and treatment. However, if it is not possible, as a parent, you must be aware of all the possible solutions that can be safely carried out at home. Sometimes, the reason behind tooth pain is sensitive teeth. Therefore, you must know the instant pain-relieving methods that can be done for your child.

The most common reasons for tooth pain are-

Due to food sensitivities or allergies, improper diet, stress, and minor soft tissue injuries.

  • CavitiesThis is a common reason behind tooth pain in children. They are more prone to cavities and tooth decay than adults due to excessive intake of juices, sweets, sugary milk, and other beverages. Kids eat a lot of candies on a daily basis, this leads to sugar particles sticking between the inside of the teeth and gums. This candy enamel causes tooth decay. 
  • InjurySometimes, a stumble or a fall while playing or bumping into a wall or surface causes swelling and minor injuries. This sudden soreness results in tooth pain. However, if there is a chipped or a broken tooth, the child should be taken to a dentist immediately.
  • InfectionTooth pain can also happen due to oral infections, swelling, or fever. Oral infections cannot be treated at home, and therefore, a dentist must be informed.
  • In such cases, whether it is sensitivity, soreness, chipped teeth, or tooth decay, only the experts like A Dental Care must be contacted. If there are any signs of oral infections, food items that are full of sugar, starch, and preservatives, must be avoided. It is advised that only after the treatment you should allow your kid to consume juices and other items. Until then, it is imperative that you control and regulate the consumption of certain food items.

Tips for treatment of tooth pain at home

  • Cold compress
    An ice pack gives instant relief to pain, swelling, soreness, and other forms of discomfort. In case the pain continues, some prescribed medications and topical pain-relief ointments can be helpful. If you are at home, consult a pediatrician for medication dosage according to the age of your child. Do not handle the case all by yourself.
  • Saltwater rinse
    Salt water rinses are safe for use for all ages in case of tooth pains. It should be noted that this method needs to be carried out under the supervision of adults only. All you have to do is mix one teaspoon of salt with eight ounces of boiling water or very hot water until the salt granules are completely dissolved.

Once the water cools down or reaches room temperature, it can be used. Make sure the water is lukewarm and not cold. Ask your kid to rinse the mouth with the water and spit. Make sure they do not gulp it down. Rinse your mouth first to show how it is done. Repeat the process every three hours.

  • Teeth Cleaning
    A lot of times, the pain in the tooth happens due to tiny food bits and particles stuck between the teeth. This causes irritation, and if your kid has sensitive teeth, then it could lead to swelling and soreness. In this case, properly clean your kid’s teeth. Brush and floss the teeth to ensure there are no food particles stuck. Once you are done, follow it with a mouthwash rinse to remove the remnants.

Tooth pain is traumatic for anyone, let alone kids. The tips given above act like first aid to ease the pain.

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