Dental x-ray done of a woman

Our Mission

To empower the community to change the way they look and feel by providing a confident smile; Smile with Confidence!

Our Vision

People working together as team and partners to make community’s lives better through network of quality focused practices and leadership.

Dentist owned and operated since 2010, A Dental Care clinics are committed to provide quality and affordable oral and dental care to the local communities of Houston. Being part of this wonderful and diverse Houston community, we believe that access to quality dental care is patient’s right, not a privilege. Our commitment of leveraging our team and creating leadership to improve the quality of lives of our team mates, enables us to create an environment led by the successful professionals. Our extended hours allow the team to enjoy the flexibility of working less and earning more! Work less, earn more!

Greenspoint Location


Gulf Gate Location


Tidwell Location


Union Dental Location


Spring Location

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