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Dental implants are the most common and preferred solution for any kind of tooth loss. In a dental implant, an artificial tooth root is placed in the jaw bone which creates a strong foundation for a tooth that will be replaced in place of the lost one and it replaces the tooth as well as the root. Experts at union dental Houston TX have a lot to say before you go for dental implants.

Let’s discuss a few common questions around dental implants.

dental implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a replacement for missing teeth. The dentist inserts a small fixture of titanium into the jaw bone into which a partial denture, full denture, single crown, or a fixed bridge can be attached.

How safe are dental implants?

Dental implants have been used by dentists at a dental care greens road Houston TX for many years and the implant technology is continuing to advance with science. They are considered to be one of the most reliable procedures for replacing missing teeth and dentists use very sophisticated equipment which makes it a safe option for tooth replacement.

Is getting a dental implant painful?

As the surgery is done through anesthesia which causes minimal pain. However, the level of discomfort can vary from person to person. Since the entire procedure is done in a sanitized environment and gently, it ensures very little infection risk.

dental implant

What are the benefits and side effects of getting a dental implant?

Benefits include, they help you to live an active lifestyle, enhance your appearance, enable you to eat your favorite food, and as they are made of titanium, they never decay. But there can be certain side effects like chances of inflammation, pain, and infection. In case of the requirement of bone and gum grafting, the treatment expenses can escalate.

What food can be eaten after getting dental implant surgery?

Dentists at union dental Houston recommend drinking liquids and consuming soft food like ice cream, yogurt, milkshakes, soups, cottage cheese, etc. on the first two days after the surgery. On the third day, soft foods which don’t require to be chewed can be taken. These foods include eggs, soft sandwiches, and mac and cheese. Crunchy or tough food along with spicy and acidic foods must be avoided. You can resume a regular diet after 7 days or as and when your dentist recommends.

How much gap should there be between tooth extraction and an implant?

In some cases of best yet cheap tooth extraction, dental implants can be placed on the same day when the tooth is extracted, but generally, it takes around 3 to 6 months of healing before the implants can be placed.

Can an implant be rejected by the mouth?

Rejections to an implant are very rare, but in case they are there the possible causes can be being allergic to titanium alloy, improper post-operative care, and poor oral hygiene.

How much time does it take for dental implants to heal?

The entire healing process usually takes around 6 to 12 weeks as the process is done in multiple steps. It also depends on the number of teeth being replaced, the health of the patient, and other unavoidable factors.

Things to be avoided after a dental implant surgery?

A few things to be avoided are smoking, chewing tobacco, applying heat to the face, using straws while drinking as these can delay healing.

What is the durability of an implant?

Caring for the implants by regular proper oral hygiene and following the dentist’s advice can make the dental implants last a long time. There is no guarantee of lifetime success, dentists can provide guidelines based on genetic history, eating habits will help go a long way.

What is the cost of dental implants?

There is no fixed cost of getting a dental implant and is calculated taking into consideration many factors like location, quality and amount of bone needed, number of dental implants required, number of teeth replacements, etc.

To conclude, these are the most common queries concerning dental implants and it would be best to have a discussion with your dentist at a dental care 77087.

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