5 Common Bad Breath Culprits

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5 Common Bad Breath Culprits

Bad breath is a prevalent oral health issue. It is also called halitosis in medical terms. Bad breath is deemed to be an awkward problem to deal with that a lot of people have to deal with at one point or the other in their lives. A piece of excellent news is that you need to make lifestyle changes to combat this common issue sufficiently. However, if your bad breath doesn’t get tackled, you can visit dental care in Houston for help. Here are 5 of the most commonly lousy breath culprits:

Consuming food that causes a bad-odor

When you consume foods that cause a terrible odor, such as spices, onions, and garlic, it can easily result in bad breath. To tackle this bad breath, you can temporarily mask this odor by using mouthwash or brushing your teeth. However, to get rid of the bad breath, you must let it pass through your body to resolve it completely.

They need to practice proper oral hygiene regularly.

According to experts at dental care in Houston, the primary cause of getting halitosis is ignoring to practice of proper oral hygiene habits. Food particles may remain in your mouth if you don’t floss and brush your teeth daily. When this happens, odor-causing bacteria can develop and grow in abundant food sources. Moreover, poor oral hygiene can result in periodontal or gum disease and tooth decay, which can cause bad breath.

Using tobacco and smoking regularly

Using tobacco products or smoking is one of the most harmful things you can do to your overall and oral health. Not only can regularly using tobacco be the reason for a persistent foul odor in your mouth, but it can simply result in oral health issues such as periodontal diseases or even dry mouth. Once these conditions develop, they can result in bad breath.

Bad Breath Culprits

Oral health issues

Union dental office suggests persistent bad breath problems could result from oral health issues, such as mouth sores, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Bad breath could result from a dry mouth, a medical condition commonly known as xerostomia. This is because the saliva in your mouth can help clean your mouth and flush out any leftover debris and food particles. When saliva production in your mouth decreases, bacteria that cause a foul odor can grow and thrive.

 Medical conditions and taking certain medications

While there are external reasons behind the lousy breath, gate dental services warn that bad breath is usually a symptom of some health issues, such as sinuses, kidney problems, throat, liver failure, infections of the nose, diabetes, postnasal drip, metabolic diseases, respiratory tract infections, blood disorders, and chronic acid reflux. Many times, if you have stones developed on your tonsils, tiny bacteria that cover these stones can allow an unpleasant smell to develop. Halitosis or bad breath could result from certain medications that generate a dry mouth. Once these medications start to break down in your body, they begin to release chemicals that cause a terrible odor to release.

Lousy breath prevention and treatment

When you first encounter bad breath or halitosis, you must start by maintaining proper and healthy oral hygiene practices. These generally include regular flossing and brushing. If you need to wear a mouthguard, denture, and a dental bridge due to particular dental conditions, as suggested by a doctor, you need to make sure that you clean it properly before you place it right in your mouth. It would be best if you regularly visited your Houston dentist for at least two yearly dental exams and routine cleaning to clean your mouth free of disease and healthy.

You can also make many lifestyle changes that can help reduce the persistence of bad breath and improve your oral health and hygiene. You should strongly consider limiting the consumption of highly strong-smelling foods and refrain from using tobacco products such as smoking regularly. Please ensure you drink lots of water throughout the day to prevent a dry mouth and stay hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated would help in keeping your bad breath under control.


If you have persistent bad breath, you should talk to your dental practitioner at A dental care on greens road, Houston, TX. Your dentist can offer you some advice on how you can leave your bad breath behind for good. When you are free from any health issues, you will gain a healthy and stunning smile. Whatever the culprit may be, behind the development of persistent bad breath, with some lifestyle changes, the treatment of health issues, and medical conditions, you can easily manage it with your medical practitioner.

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