Top 5 Food That Can Harm Your Teeth

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Obviously, teeth are liable for enhancing one’s personality. And teeth are the only place where you can see what you eat. This is because there are various beverages and foods that build up plaque in the mouth that contributes to teeth hassles and many gum problems as well.   

Also, cavities are one of the chronic oral diseases that can cause distinct complications like chewing issues, mouth pain, and more. So, here below are some foods that can harm your teeth in many ways and how you should avoid them to save your mouth from plaque. Let’s get started.


We all are aware that alcohol is injurious to health but do you know it can affect your oral hygiene as well. A dry mouth lacks in the formation of saliva which further allows the cavities to take place. The formation of saliva is very necessary as it helps in treating the early signs of gum diseases, tooth decay, and other oral health problems. So, stay away from alcohol as it dries out the mouth allowing the sticky food to make way for cavity formation.

Sour Candies

It’s very known that candies cause cavities and are bad for mouth also. But if we talk about sour candies then these contain more distinct acids that are tougher on gums and teeth. So, if you are sweet obsessed or love candies then you need to pick the food that can melt easily and quickly.

Carbonated Drinks

Drinking carbonated sodas not only affects the teeth but impacts the overall health too. Such drinks enable plaque for more acid production and damages the tooth enamel. So, if you are addicted to such drinks then you are allowing acid to make way into your mouth every day. 

Sticky Chips

Those crunchy chips are obviously satisfying and tickling to our taste buds. But they are fully loaded with the starch that gets trapped between the teeth further forming plaque. So, avoid such chips as much as possible and indulge in healthy eating. You can also contact the best dentist in Houston for advice on what to eat for healthy teeth and what more to avoid. 


What all we know about ice is it contains water only but chewing such hard substance can lead to hassles like cracked, chipped or broken tooth. So, use ice only to chill the cold drinks or other beverages and not to chew. 

Apart from avoiding all such foods, you need to search on the internet for the best dentist near me and visit them regularly for better oral hygiene tips do’s and don’ts. However, you can also visit us at A Dental Care where the team of doctors can provide better tips and suggestions for teeth care.

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