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9th February is celebrated as National Toothache Day. Although it sounds a bit strange, it is a widely celebrated day that aims to empower people with information to manage and prevent toothache. Why 9th February was selected as the National Toothache Day is not exactly known since there is no documented origin of this day. Some people believe that 9th February was chosen as on this day the Hershey Candy Company was established. Other people believe that 9th February is celebrated as The Feast of St. Apollonia who is considered the Patron Saint of Dentistry. Whatever the origin of National Toothache Day may be, the important thing is to remember that it was initiated to spread awareness about this painful and common affliction.


The fact is that a toothache can be a nuisance. When people have a toothache, they tend to shy away from consuming any food or drinks, hold their face and wonder the reason behind it. Toothache is a common issue that can ruin your entire day. If you suffer from a toothache, sometimes you should consider it as a reminder to call and visit your Houston dentist and get rid of it. Let us explore this national event and toothaches in detail:

What are the symptoms of toothaches?

Toothaches are not generally always serious, however, they are a very common sign that there is something wrong with your gums or teeth. Common symptoms of toothaches may include:

  • Sensitivity or pain in or around your jaws and teeth particularly when you eat or drink something acidic, sweet, cold, or hot. This sensation feels like there is a lightning strike right inside your mouth.
  • Shooting or sharp pain in and around your teeth every time you try to bite down.
  • Constant, throbbing, dull pain that could range anything from mild to severe

Why do your teeth hurt?

If you have been wondering what brought on your toothache, here are some causes that are found to be very common:

  • Gum disease or tooth decay
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Worn out enamel
  • Filling or a cracked tooth
  • Grinding teeth
  • Temporomandibular joint and muscle (TMJ) disorders
  • Ear or sinus infection

What should you do if you suffer from a toothache?

Whenever you suffer from a toothache, the first thing to do is to set up an appointment and schedule a visit to your dentist. However, sometimes your dentist may be unable to see you right away. In these cases, you should ideally call your dentist and ask for a medical opinion before your visit. If you have been suffering from a toothache for more than two days, your dentist may want to prescribe you some anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial medicines to curb your pain in the meantime. Always make sure that you take the opinion of your dentist before trying to treat it yourself. Even though your toothache may not always be quite serious, it is a sign that something is not right and it could be signaling towards bigger health and oral problems. When you visit your dentist, they will examine you thoroughly to see what the underlying problem could be. Visiting the best dentist in Houston is generally the fastest way to get some immediate relief from your pain.

However, if you cannot see your dentist immediately, make sure to schedule an appointment. Some tips that you can follow before your visit are:

  • Floss in the area to get rid of any residual food particles that may be inducing the toothache.
  • Rinse your warm thoroughly with salt water. You should ideally rinse with slightly warm water as it acts as an antibacterial agent.
  • You can take over-the-counter medicine for pain relief.

How can you “celebrate” the National Toothache Day

If you are not suffering from a toothache, here are some ways to celebrate the day that can help you in avoiding toothache in the future:

  • Find some ways to get rid of sugary drinks and food items from your diet. Even some small steps could go a long way in preventing future dental problems.
  • Make an appointment to visit your dentist and get a regular cleaning and dental examination done.
  • If you smoke or use tobacco, join a cessation program to help you quit.
  • Celebrate with a photograph of your pearly teeth and share it on social media platforms with the hashtag #NationalToothacheDay
  • Commit to flossing and brushing every day.


We all have suffered from a toothache at one point in time or the other. This national event sheds some light on this common problem. It imparts knowledge on what a toothache is, how to know if it is serious, how you can manage it at home until you visit the dentist at A dental Care Houston, and how you can prevent getting a toothache in the future.


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