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Regardless of age, chewing gums is something that comes naturally to all of us. Right from getting fascinated by it as a child to popping a gum after your meals before your presentation at the office; chewing gums has pretty much been around for years.

The rubbery and soft texture of the chewing gum is no less than an addiction for so many purposes. The substances are made up of gum, fillers, resin, preservatives, sweetness, flavors, softness, etc. All the ingredients are assessed and tested for human consumption.

Regardless of how desirable this product is, it is often kept out of children’s reach. Chewing gum is a candy that is supposed to be chewed and not swallowed. Most of the time parents worry about the children swallowing the rubbery gob thinking it would harm them. Having said that, there are a lot of other misconceptions surrounding chewing gums.

Take a look at the list of myths regarding chewing gums and whether they fall correct or not.

Swallowed Chewing gum sticks on the intestine walls for years

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Absolutely false as chewing gum is insoluble. Just like popcorn kernels, corn, raw bits of vegetables, seeds, etc. The digestive enzymes in our body are not made to break down Chewing gum. It is often worried that it would get stuck in the digestive tract for years but it actually gets digested and later excreted just like any other insoluble, fiber-based substance. So no, chewing gum does not get stuck in the stomach or your intestines. If you or your kid ever accidentally swallows chewing gum then make sure to drink a glass of water instantly to ensure it goes down your food pipe. The only time chewing gum can get stuck in your body is just like any other food item which could accidentally block your windpipe

Chewing gum causes cavities

Technically, it is false but, in the end, it is candy so it should be regulated. It should be noted that the chewing gums that are rich in sugar and artificial flavors would cause cavities and other dental health issues. On the other hand, singles without sugar actually help in preventing tooth decay. This happens because sugarless chewing gums help in increasing saliva flow which eventually aids in clearing food particles and tiny bits of debris. Along with that, this also aids in strengthening tooth enamel. People with braces, although, should be all the more careful while chewing gums as it could affect their dental health.

Chewing gum burns calories

Okay, it is true but not to an extent that it aids in major weight loss. You will have to work hard. The truth behind this myth is that it curbs food cravings. Although, chewing gums tend to burn 11 calories an hour, which adds up to cutting down forty to fifty calories in a day. It is not too impressive but whatever it takes to burn calories is good.

Chewing gum aids in overall health

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When we say overall health, we are not prescribing you chewing gum for all-day consumption. Chewing gums have proven to increase and blood flow to your brain.  Eventually, this helps in boosting your memory. According to research , concluded after trials and tests that short-term memory gets improved by more than 35 percent through chewing gums. However, we suggest not to chew the gum for far too long.

Another way it aids in good health is the reduction in risks of heartburn. Chewing gums help in decreasing the esophagus acid levels. This consequently helps in lowering the risks of acid reflux.

Eliminates nausea and drowsiness

Chewing gums that constitute zero sugar and rich in mint or ginger flavors can cure an upset stomach. Regardless of your problem- motion sickness, digestive problem, or morning sickness, etc. chewing gums would help you treating nausea. So yes, it is true.

another myth that is in fact, true, is that it reduces and eliminates mental tiredness and drowsy feeling. This is often faced by writers or students. We suggest, pop a chewing gum to combat those midday yawns.

All in all, the myths surrounding chewing gums are not all false and misleading. As long as you are chewing a pack of sugarless gum, it is safe for your oral health.

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