How To Resolve The Major Orthodontic Troubles You Face

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According to Wikipedia- orthodontics refers to a kind of dental treatment which deals with diagnosing, preventing, and correcting the flaws in your teeth and jaw.

And by flaws in the teeth, you would have very well understood that people have crooked or misaligned teeth which are not only a foil to your smiles but also hinder with the major teeth functioning such as chewing and biting.

Orthodontic troubles could be varied in nature and each of these may need a specific treatment for its resolution. Here is a list of some of the most common orthodontic troubles faced by people with solutions to each of them:

  • Underbite: In underbite trouble, the lower jaw in the face extends a bit out and is not in alignment with the upper jaw. Thus, the lower front teeth stay in front of the upper teeth causing cosmetic and physical issues. This is a very common dental trouble that can be easily fixed with braces etc.
  • Spacing Troubles: Spaces between your teeth can result due to missing teeth or natural gaps between the teeth. If you have missing teeth, now you can get artificial dentures and natural gaps can be resolved with the help of dental braces.
  • Protrusion: When the upper front teeth extend too far beyond the line of the lower front teeth, this is known as the protrusion. The trouble affects both the appearance and the functioning of your teeth as the lower teeth may bite into the roof of your mouth. Based on the extent of the troubles, the dentists may suggest orthodontic treatments or dental surgeries.
  • Crowding: As the name suggests, crowding denotes the presence of teeth in a misaligned manner, such that they often get overlapped and there’s absolutely no room between the teeth. Though people consider tooth removal as the most probable solution, overcrowding can also be corrected with the help of expansion.
  • Crossbite: When the upper teeth stay inside the lower teeth, this is known as a crossbite. The trouble may also lead to tooth stratification and misaligned growth of the jaw. Dental braces are often the most prominent solution of crossbites.
  • Overbite: In this, the upper front teeth extend out and this portrays them sitting out against the lower jawline. Overbite troubles can also be resolved with the help of dental braces.
  • Openbite: If you see a bit of space between your upper front teeth and the lower front teeth even when the back teeth are sitting comfortably, this is known as openbite. And besides troubling your bites, it may even lead to a lot of unwanted habits such as thrusting tongue between your teeth.

These are some of the most common orthodontic troubles that are mostly faced by people. And no wonder, you can resolve these fully when you meet an expert orthodontist in your region.

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