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Autumn is just around the corner. It is the season where apart from the holiday season and refreshing breeze, teenagers and children enjoy a lot of fall sports. Sports and athletic activities benefit us in many ways. They help in improving our mental strength, valuing teamwork, inculcating sportsman spirit, and exercising regularly. But, at the same time. Sports can have a harsh effect on our teeth, gums, and jaw.

As a routine for reducing any kind of dental emergency, people who are very active in sports are advised to wear mouth protection by a Houston dentist.

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Need for sports mouth protection

Physical contact and the use of flying objects are a part of many kinds of sports. In infield and ice hockey, players are jostling against each other roughly. There is a lot of aggressiveness in soccer games and American football. Players are at a higher risk of hurting themselves during such sports activities. The best dentist in Houston TX suggests various devices for the protection of the mouth during sports such as personalized mouth guards to protect the teeth and mouth.

Common Injuries to tooth and mouth

A lot of tooth and mouth injuries during sports can be seen in the spring and fall. Some of the major concerns are jaw damage and misalignment, broken teeth, knocked out or loose teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, bruised and bleeding gums, loose braces, and more.

Mouth protection

The devices used for protecting the mouth during sports help in not only avoiding injuries to the mouth but also reduce the chances of a concussion after a player gets hit on the head.

Suffering a concussion can have many complications that can have a longer effect such as severe migraines or loss of memory. These concussions can be avoided or their intensity can be reduced by wearing mouth guards.

Thus, wearing of mouth protection has become very important for players and is often a part of preventive measures guided by the coaches.

Different Sports Mouth Protection

Contrary to popular belief, plastic mouth guards are very effective in protecting the gums and teeth. These are even worn by professional athletes demonstrating the importance of sports teeth protection.

Sports mouth guards which are made of plastic of inferior quality are not appropriately designed for individuals. On the other hand, a dental team will create oral appliances for the protection of the mouth which are customized to suit the requirements of every patient. These protection guards are made in such a way that they fit over the teeth securely and are comfortable.

Clear braces can also provide protection to a certain level for athletes. The patient should consult the best dentist in Houston before planning to put clear braces.

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Types of Mouth Guards

Many kinds of mouthguards are available in the market. Below are the common 3 that can be used.

Ready-made mouth guard

This type of mouthguard is available in small, medium, and large sizes. This mouth guard is not very expensive and can be very irritating to the person wearing it as it is not customized. This mouth guard is not recommended by most dentists but it is better than not wearing a mouth guard at all. It is always advisable to choose a mouth guard which has been approved by the medical association and complies with all the safety rules.

Boil and bite mouth guards

These mouth guards are very popular and one can customize them to fit in the mouth properly. The mouth guard is first heated and after that, it is reshaped to fit the mouth by biting on it.

Customized mouth guards

These mouth guards are made by your dentist and provide full protection to the mouth and gums. They are customized catering to your specific needs and thus are the best suited.

Strategies for protection

Apart from wearing mouth guards regularly, some other steps can be taken for keeping the teeth and gums safe and healthy like following the protocols and rules of the games, and while practicing and during the game, all protective gear must be worn.

Certain sports like hockey, football, baseball, wrestling, boxing, etc. require protective equipment which is more comprehensive.

Measures to be taken post-injury

Immediately after getting injured in the mouth, a player should immediately consult a Houston dentist. Any kind of delay can have a serious impact which may require oral surgery.

Mouthguards are an integral part of all sports activities which require a lot of aggression as they protect the mouth, teeth, and gums from any kind of serious injury. It is very important to clean the mouth guard as bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi can begin to breed on the mouth guard which has not been cleaned properly. Replacing your mouth protection guards should be done when you notice cracks on the mouth pads.

Thus, it is important to take care of your teeth when you play sports and also clean them regularly.

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