Houston Dentist Help Is Needed! Mysterious White Stains On Your Teeth And Your Dental Health

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With the changing lifestyle choice, our teeth and gum health is at risk. How often you witness stains on your teeth? Well, most of us do have stains, and they could be of any color from yellowish to brownish. But wait, what about white stains on your teeth?

In this writing, we are going to discuss those mysterious white stains and how to treat them.

Fluorosis— Meet Houston Dentist For Solution:

We often witness stains on the surface of the healthy teeth due to damage enamel. But fluorosis is a bit different. In fluorosis, the white stain on the teeth appears due to overexposure to fluoride. When developing teeth get in contact with Fluoride, Fluorosis is what happens. Although fluoride does not harm the teeth, it causes uneven bleaching of teeth. It is always prudent to use small smudge of fluoride toothpaste for the toddlers and babies. While you can take a pea-sized swab for the young ones.


Another major cause of stains on the teeth is demineralization. Due to excessive exposure to acid use of braces and buildup of plaque in the teeth, demineralization could be the result. Due to demineralization, our teeth get deprived of essential minerals like calcium.

To avoid demineralization, all we need is to adopt healthy cleaning habits. Brushing the teeth twice and flossing could prevent the event like demineralization. You can consult with the best Houston dentist for the treatment.

Enamel Hypoplasia:

Having white stains on the teeth does not always rule out enamel issues. In some patients, the white spots on the teeth could be due to Enamel Hypoplasia. During this condition, the enamel on the teeth becomes thin and vulnerable to stains. Enamel Hypoplasia could develop in children due to premature birth, malnutrition, or drug abusive mother.

whites stains on teeth

Treatment For White Stains:

Prevention is always better than cure, and we believe in it. If you still witness the development of white stains on your teeth, then you can opt for one of the two procedures.

  • Microabrasion
  • Bleaching
  • Veneers

If you are living in Houston and want to find the best dentist in Houston, then all you need is to search for Greenspoint Dental. For the best services regarding teeth whitening, Houston offers some greater Houston orthodontics. In Microabrasion, the dentist will scratch away a thin enamel layer to give a uniform shape to the teeth. While in bleaching, you can whiten your teeth using chemicals. If you have some of the toughest stains on your teeth, then you can opt for Veneers. Veneers are the thin porcelain layer that a dentist applies on your teeth to give them a more uniform look.

Want To Treat Your White Spots?

If you are shying away due to your shite spots, then it’s time to bring back your confidence. All you need is to contact us today and let the top Houston dentist give you the best teeth whitening Houston treatment. So smile bright with your precious teeth and keep up your brushing and flossing spirit uptight. For the rest of the issue, we are here to ease you with the best orthodontic care.

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