Dental Treatments During Pandemic-To Be or Not to Be

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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting Treatment for Your Sensitive Teeth amidst COVID-19?

The new normal is here, we are living in it and will continue to do so. The pandemic has changed a lot of things permanently and it has become all the more challenging for the common man to lead their usual lives. However, some things continue to remain the same, regardless of the consequences and intensity of epidemics. Among which are the best dental implants in Houston, dental practices, appointments, surgeries, and consultations, etc.

Although dental clinics were ordered to stop their non-urgent consultations and visits during the COVID-19 pandemic the American Dental Association (ADA) and the CDC have now lifted the restrictions and highlighted the significance of dental teams amidst these tough times.

As states and cities reopen, here’s what you must know about dental care and treatment –

Important tips before making the appointment

  • What you must know and realize before you make an appointment is that every possible object or person is risky. Transmission of infection is possible from anywhere so lookout for symptoms and signs that could potentially turn fatal for you or the medical professionals.
  • Whether it is a root canal or perio cleaning; no matter how severe the condition, you must only call for an appointment for the most critical cases. This way you are minimizing the risk of transmission and potential exposure to other patients and personnel.
  • Dental injuries, aches, and infection must be discussed on prior notice with the dental clinic before you make an appointment.

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When should you visit a dentist?

According to the best dentist in Houston, dental problems are crucial and must be taken care of. However, during these unprecedented times, it is essential to understand the situation before declaring it an emergency. Contact your specialists at ADental Care when you notice the following conditions-

  • Dental trauma due to an accident.
  • Bleeding gums for days.
  • Inflamed, swollen, painful, and red gums due to infection.
  • Extreme toothache or teeth sensitivity leading to persistent pain.
  • Periodontal maintenance that is due for a long time.

Please note that although mild sensitivity, teeth whitening, treating chipped and crooked teeth, and dental aesthetics, etc. are important, they can be treated later and postponed for time being. Although it would be best to consult periodontists and respective dental surgeons before deciding anything.

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What Precautions Should You Take While Visiting a Dental Clinic?

  • Always keep your mask up, wear double makes preferably on your way to the Union dental office, while you wait at the reception, and during your consultation. It will protect you from breathing and spreading airborne particles.
  • It would be best to reach on time and preferably without any dependency as clinics schedule their patients to keep the place less crowded.
  • Do not hesitate in participating in the screenings, prior to and post your appointment.
  • Avoid wearing and carrying too many accessories.
  • It would be best to not use the restroom. In case you do, sanitize or wash your hands immediately.
  • Don’t forget to sanitize your hands the moment you leave the dental clinic.
  • Make sure to make online payments only.

Tips to maintain oral hygiene throughout the pandemic

  • Avoid sticky, sugary foods such as lollipops, candies, and soft drinks, etc. Otherwise, it will only lead to tooth decay.
  • Brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day.
  • Stay hydrated, water keeps your mouth clean and washes away any sort of residue.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste as it helps replenish the lost calcium.

All in all, dental emergencies and appointments must not be postponed. As we are marching towards a new normal, it would be best to prioritize dental appointments even during the pandemic.

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