Dental Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Summer of ’21 is finally here and it is among those rare summers which have gotten the adults overjoyed as well after an overwhelming year due to the pandemic. Although it is still suggested to follow precautions and safety measures, life goes on and your kids deserve to finally enjoy this summer in the new but normal ways. That being said, among all the adventures, fun, and frolic dental routines at a dental care Greenspoint should not be missed.

Let’s make sure that you and your kids do not let summer fun affect your oral health. Take a look.

Say no to sugary snacks and drinks

It is tough but not impossible. Cold sugary snacks and items during summers are to die for but it would be best to keep an eye and track the intake. Experts at union dental Houston TX suggest limiting the sugary drinks and switching to healthy alternatives for your family.  The best would be not to let sugary foods become a staple diet during summers. Instead, introduce milkshakes, smoothies, and fresh juices to your family this summer.

Mouth Guards

Although it is advised to stay indoors kids deserve some playtime out in the sun for their overall health and mood. It would be best to let your kids indulge in recreational activities and sports during summers. Regardless of any physical contact, there are chances of injuries and wounds during the game. In this case, it is recommended to always make them wear a mouthguard to avoid the risks of chipped or broken teeth.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you are working from home or sending your kid out to play make sure to keep yourself hydrated always. Water not only is a great alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks; it helps in washing away the sugar and plaque in the mouth. This further helps in preventing cavities and bad breath. Dental care Houston always advises and recommends healthy drink options.

Consult dental services Houston TX for emergencies

Dental issues are not seen as a priority in most cases, and especially during the pandemic, it gets postponed for all the right reasons.

dental care

However, dental emergencies and prolonged discomfort should be immediately taken to the best dental clinic in Houston. These include-

  • Constant swelling or pain in the mouth.
  • Broken tooth.
  • Extreme pain and sensitivity in the gums.
  • Any dental care related to cancer treatments.
  • Dental treatment after surgeries.
  • Infected and uncontrolled bleeding in the gums.
  • Abnormal tissue biopsy.
  • Difficulty in swallowing and breathing due to swelling in the neck and head.

Stick to the routine

With the summer holidays on, the daily routine goes out the window. These months are full of adventures and enjoyable events and with no school and other academic activities which leads to late bedtimes and starts to the days. This tempts them to skip brushing and flossing on time or postpone it for hours. Experts at union dental care suggest parents maintain the habit of brushing and flossing in the family even during vacations. You must include correct brushing and flossing techniques as well. Along with that, replace the toothbrushes every three months. It is important to teach them good oral practices to protect them from dental problems in the future.

All in all, summertime is all about making precious memories. Don’t let dental problems and your oral health hinder these fun times. Make sure to follow the safety protocols and keep yourself safe from the coronavirus.

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