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Gum diseases often occur due to bad oral hygiene and may lead to one losing their teeth. It is a serious infection to the gum which if not treated can lead to the destruction of the jaw bone.

Many symptoms include red, tender, and swollen gums. According to the best dentist in Houston TX, there are several treatments available for treating gum diseases which depend on the stage of the disease, your response to the treatments done prior, and also your health overall.

Talking about treatments, the range for it varies from therapies in a non-surgical treatment to get the bacterial growth in control moving to surgery to restore the tissue that supports the gum.

gum disease

Let us discuss the various treatments available to treat gum diseases.


These treatments are done when the gum disease is at a stage where no surgery is required.

Periodontal Gum Cleaning

Dental cleaning is done not when there is an active disease in the gum but as a preventive measure to help you avoid its development. Dental cleaning Houston involves the removal of tartar and plaque from below as well as above the gum line of the teeth. In case there are any symptoms of gum disease, a professional dental cleaning may be suggested two times a year by your dentist. Are periodontal cleanings necessary? Absolutely yes!

Scaling and Planing of Roots

The procedure of doing a deep cleaning of teeth is a non-surgical one and it is performed using local anesthesia. The tartar and plaque are scraped from below as well as above the gum line. This process is called the scaling of teeth.

The process of planning involves the smoothening of rough spots which are present on a tooth. This process helps in removing all the bacteria providing a cleaner surface for the gums so that the teeth can be reattached. In case your dentist feels that there is plaque and calculus under your gums that requires to be removed then he will advise root planing along with scaling as a remedial measure.


This is a treatment where surgery is required.

Flap / Pocket Reduction Surgery

This process involves the lifting back of gums so that the tarter can be removed. Some instances involve the smoothening of the surface of the bone which is damaged and irregular and which could be a hiding place for the bacteria that can cause diseases.

The next step to this process is the placing of the gums in such a way that enables the tissue to fit around the tooth.

Adental care Greenspoint suggests that this method helps in limiting the area between the tooth and gum for a minimal spread of bacteria as well as reduce the chances of severe dental problems.

grafting of bones

Grafting of bones

In the process of grafting of bone, fragments of one’s bone or a bone that has been donated or a synthetic bone are used for replacing the bone which has been damaged by gum disease. These grafts help in regrowing the bones by acting as a platform thus making the teeth stable.

Tissue engineering is a modern process that helps in enabling your own body to regenerate tissue as well as a bone at a faster pace.

Grafting of Soft Tissue

The grafting of soft tissues helps in filling spaces where there are receding gums. The grafted tissue is usually taken from the mouth’s roof after which is stitched to add tissue to the area which has been affected.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

This process is done by the best dental clinic in Houston when the bone which is supporting the teeth gets destroyed. It helps in stimulating the growth of gum tissue as well as bone. This process is performed along with flap surgery during which a tiny piece of fabric like a mesh is placed between the gum tissue and bone.

This prevents the growth of gum tissue in the space where the bone belongs to get the teeth to get better support.

Bone Surgery

This procedure helps in smoothing shallow craters which have developed in the bone loss that may be moderate or advanced. After flap surgery has been performed, the reshaping of the bone which is surrounding the tooth so that the craters can be decreased.

This process prevents the growth of bacteria around the tooth.

Gum disease can be caused by several reasons and the modern lifestyle often leads to ignorance of oral health care. People due to busy schedules tend to neglect their teeth which can lead to serious tooth and gum problems.

Above is the list of treatments both surgical as well as non-surgical that can help you if you are suffering or prone to gum diseases. But before that, a proper check-up and correct diagnosis at the best dental clinics in Houston is important to know at what stage you are in and what treatment you should go for.

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