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Any dental work which helps in enhancing the appearance of gums or teeth are referred to as cosmic dentistry. The primary focus is on improving dental aesthetics in position, shape, size, color, position, alignment, and appearance of the overall smile.

Before deciding to go in for cosmetic dentistry at a dental care greens road Houston TX, all the concerns and goals must be discussed between the patient and the dentist. It is very important for patients to ask all the necessary questions and concerns as well as pictures of previous cases conducted by the dentist.

Once you decide to go in for a cosmetic dentistry treatment from the best dentist near 77093, take a look at some questions that might help you understand and prepare for your dentaquest.

cosmetic dentistry

What is the expenditure involved in a cosmetic dentistry treatment?

Every cosmetic dentistry case is different from the other and requires different techniques. Therefore, it is not possible to give an estimate. This can only be determined by your dentist once s/he discusses your case with you.

It is important to discuss your expectations, aims of the treatment, maintenance in the long run, and long-term consequences to the health of the teeth.

What is the durability of a cosmetic dentistry treatment?

Experts at union dental Houston suggest that it may not be possible to say how long the treatment will last as it all depends on how much you take care of your oral hygiene. Some of the habits that affect durability are smoking, clenching and grinding of teeth, decay and gum disease, and lack of cleaning which can stain the teeth.

Some tips to ensure longevity are regular whitening of teeth, proper oral hygiene, and regular dental health checkups.

cosmetic dentistry

Can cosmetic dentistry treatment damage the teeth?

In cases where the teeth have a heavy filling or have been displaced far away from the arch, the adjustment can be very severe and can cause a certain amount of damage to the teeth. It is important to discuss any alternatives with your dentist 77093 which might be less invasive.

Less invasive techniques are orthodontist, whitening, and direct composites and the most invasive are conventional bridges and porcelain crowns.

What about future expenses?

Undoubtedly, there will be some expenses involved with a replacement as it requires the use of many different techniques and this must be a major point of discussion with your dentist from the very beginning.

The cost for rebuilding will tend to be equal to or more than the original cost.

Is it possible to get only the front teeth fixed?

For attaining the best results in the long run, the final result must be in sync with the functioning of the other parts of the mouth so it is important not to restrict the treatment to only the front teeth.

What is the requirement to get the gums examined before the treatment?

Before conducting any cosmetic treatment, the dentist needs to ensure the health of your gums to enable them to stay in a stable position for the procedure. The gums need to be healthy for ensuring a long-term effect of the treatment.

In case the gums are treated post-treatment; they shrink from the margins revealing the teeth which will be different from the rest of the work.

Is cosmetic dentistry done by all dentists?

Even though all dentists have a fair amount of knowledge about the technicalities, cosmetic dentistry is not practiced by everyone. It is important to discuss with your dentist their specialization and services.

In case your dentist does not provide these services, s/he will be able to guide you to a specialist.

Hope the above questions will be able to answer all your queries related to cosmetic dentistry. Before deciding, please consult your dentists and prosthodontists at a dental care for thorough knowledge and only go ahead if you are convinced.

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