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No matter how weird it sounds, but some of us do have the habit of chewing ice. Chewing ice might felt refreshing and soothing, but trust us, it is not doing any good to your teeth. So today, we are here to talk all about the ice chewing habit and how to abstain someone having this habit. So, if you crave about chewing the ice or know someone who does that, then read carefully to know the cure.

Is Ice Chewing Can Result In Teeth Damage? Do I need To Consult Top Dentist in Houston?

What Exactly Is Compulsive Ice Eating?

Known as Pagophagia, compulsive ice chewing is a dietary disorder with some major complications in mental processing. It can also be a sign of an eating disorder known as Pica. Pica basically a dietary dysfunction where the individual tends to eat the weird thing with no nutritional value at all, including hairs, clay, ice, and even dirt. Severe nutritional deficiency in human roots for Pica. Why not analyze some of the national deficiencies that could result in Compulsive ice eating disorder.

  • Anemia or Iron deficiency:

The research results of various studies reveal a significant correlation between iron deficiency and CIE. According to medical studies, almost 3 percent of men and 20 percent of women are suffering from iron deficiency. When it comes to pregnancy, almost 50 percent of pregnant women have iron deficiency issues. You might be wondering what the relationship between iron deficiency and craving for ice is? Well, iron plays a vital role in carrying oxygen to the vital organs and thus assisting in proper body functioning. Due to less iron, red blood cells fail in their task. According to the various studies, ice chewing increases the blood supply to the brain resulting in alertness and improved cognition.

  • Beware! Your teeth are in grave danger:

Well, ice chewing might seem soothing and relaxing; it could cause severe damage to your teeth.

Ice chewing could seriously damage the enamel layer on the teeth. But how that can be possible? Well, chewing ice could cause abrupt temperature changes in your mouth, causing the enamel to expand or contracts. The sudden contraction and expansion can cause tiny cracks in the enamel layer, and our teeth become prone to sensitivity. Along with teeth, your ice chewing habit can cause severe damage to your gums, as well.

Abstaining From Ice Chewing

Keeping in view the mass destructive consequences of ice chewing, it’s better to get rid of this habit ASAP. If you experience any sensitivity in your teeth, it’s always prudent to consult the best dentist in Houston.

  • Mend your iron supply:

But you have to find the root cause to eliminate this habit forever. If you have developed this habit due to anemia, then taking the iron supplements would be beneficial.

  • Replacements:

Replacing the crunch of ice with apple and carrot could assist you in your struggle with ice chewing.

Let Professional Houston Cosmetic Dentist Help!

Ice chewing could cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. If you are searching for orthodontics, Houston offers, then here we are. With the finest team of the top dentist in Houston, we offer you highly professional dental care services. However, you have to find medical help as well to get rid of ice chewing habits for your own good.

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