Bad teeth and a broken heart

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As poetic as the title of this article sounds, there is certainty to the fact that bad teeth and dental hygiene affect your love life as well as your overall health.  A prerequisite for kissing is good breath so there is a high probability after all. But more seriously and arguably more importantly, poor dental hygiene can lead to complications like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications and cancer. Poor oral hygiene can also result in gum disease that causes bad breath, bleeding gums and, if untreated, cavities, receding gums and tooth loss after bacteria or plaque settles between teeth and under the gum line. Various studies have discovered that poor dental hygiene and bleeding gums could allow up to 700 different types of bacteria to get into the bloodstream, increasing the risk of a heart attack.

Though no conclusive evidence has been identified, both doctors and dental professionals recognize the correlation between poor oral care and heart attacks or other health issue. One possibility is that oral bacteria entering the bloodstream may activate an immune system response that makes artery walls inflamed and narrowed, or attach directly to fatty deposits already present in the arteries which causes further narrowing. Experts recommend getting gum disease treated or adopting a preventative approach with dental check-ups twice a year to cut the risk of developing heart disease.

Yes, we know we caught your attention with the title and even though the thought off connecting your love life to your oral hygiene may sound outlandish, it’s something we are all conscience of – who hasn’t checked their breath before a first date? Lightheartedness aside, we hope we also informed you of some of the more serious health implications caused by poor oral hygiene. Prevention is always better than cure!

The mission of Adental care is to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and this is the reason we provide our content, to help empower you with the knowledge of how good oral hygiene can affect your overall health. If you live in Houston, Texas area visit our website to see which of our locations is closest to you and schedule an appointment or free consultation. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.


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