5 Reasons Why Having Whiter Smile Will Give You a Better Life

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Within seconds upon meeting, people often make decisions about who they think you are from financial status based off of appearance to even your intelligence. First impressions are extremely important because there is only one single chance to establish it and your teeth are one of the first factors that determine how healthy and attractive you appear to be. Why not make sure it is the best it could possibly be?

5 reasons on how whitening your teeth will make your life better can be found here.

  1. More Youthful and Healthy appearance: As one ages tooth enamel starts to become discolored as a natural part of becoming older. Whitening your teeth will help one to appear younger, fresh, and will give the impression that you have impeccable hygiene habits.
  1. With a Brighter Smile comes a Higher Level of Confidence: A better-looking smile helps to boost confidence, which can positively affect other areas of your life. A healthy level of self-esteem is vital to adding a sense of significance in one’s life. It can also help to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals and have a generally healthier outlook on life.
  1. White Teeth Encourages Endorphins: Don’t believe it? Let’s connect the dots: more confidence with one’s appearance leads to more smiling which releases “happy chemicals” in our body called endorphins. These neurotransmitters also serve as painkillers and help our bodies to become relaxed. Who couldn’t use more happiness and relaxation in their lives?
  1. Helps consciousness of overall oral health: Committing time to care for your teeth via cosmetic reasons will help to keep the importance of oral health in the forefront of your mind. According to Mayo Clinic lack of oral hygiene and health have been linked to “heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke (which) might be linked to inflammation and infections that oral bacteria can cause”. In this way whitening your teeth is a fantastic investment.
  1. Better Social Life: Because of the major confidence boost that is experienced from cosmetic care of one’s teeth, a beautiful smile can help to draw more people to you. People who are more self assured tend appear more attractive and lead more successful lives.

Of course taking care of the look your teeth does not negate the fact that brushing and flossing twice a day as well as regular teeth cleaning by a dentist are basic necessities of dental health.  With that said, taking the steps to go the extra mile to care for the look of your teeth will make a positive difference in your life allowing your smile to shine bright the way it should. If you live in Houston, Texas area visit our website to see which of our locations is closest to you and schedule an appointment or free consultation. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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